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It is a great product with wind power and no energy consumption. Using wind power, it rotates in the same direction. In this way, the dirty or smoky air in the chimney circulates with fresh air.

Most Common Uses:

Apartments: Smell, smoke and smoke in the apartment is quickly thrown out. Therefore, gas leakage and carbon monoxide poisonings are largely prevented.

Factories and Dry Food Warehouses: Deposits and odors in warehouses and fresh out to replace the new and fresh air is filled with great popularity.

Poultry Farm: It is preferred to expel the odor caused by excessive heat and condensation in farms.

General Uses:

1. Kitchen chimneys (common chimney buildings)

2. Bathroom toilet chimneys

3. Apartment lighting blanks

4. Elimination of moisture and moisture in hotels and summer houses

5. Fattening farms (stables - poultry - slaughterhouses - dairies)

6. Industrial areas, battery, paint manufacturers, textile industry

7. Simple ventilation is our preference in all places.