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Udb Ventilation, in Turkey, round air ducts and other spiro round ventilation ducts are manufactured and installed. Spiro air ducts are produced with electrostatic oven paint and ISI and SOE insulated for aesthetic applications in open ceiling applications.

Round Air Ducts, high strength special clamped air ducts, spiro system gasket, fitings parts and wide accessories, allows you to set up safe and economical ventilation systems. It can be painted and optionally externally insulated.

Spiro Air Duct

Round air ducts with spiral anchor structure, increased strength, Spiral System Seal, Fittings and all kinds of ventilation accessories can be applied.

Areas of application: It is used as a complementary element of air-conditioning systems for the purpose of ventilation of the air in hot and cold air, clean and dirty air transfer in the buildings of vital-commercial-industrial buildings.